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Yes. Our emergency service fee is $200/hr with a 2-hour minimum. Hours for emergency service are 8am to 10pm.

Our local area is Houston, TX and surrounding area, but we do offer service in all 48 contiguous states.

Depending on how many endpoint devices you have, our managed services pricing ranges from $15 – $25 per device per month.

Yes. As with anything else, the proper planning allows us to engage and complete large scale deployments, installations, and rollouts.

We partner with multiple providers for used and decommissioned hardware. Please contact us so that we can match you with a suitable technology recycling provider.

Yes, to a limited degree. We work with electricians and light duty construction contractors for jobs that include but are not limited to: trench digging for buried cable, concrete cutting for conduit installation, steel strand installation for suspended cable, and more.

Our standard service fee is $120/hr with a two hour minimum.

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