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Voice over IP/Telecom

Voice over IP/Telecom

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The Internet and our telephones are both worldwide networks, so why are we all paying for two networks when we just need one? Drop your phone company and switch to clearer, higher quality internet-based Voice over IP (VoIP) from Core Business Technology.



Common features include:

- Extremely low startup cost

- Voicemail to E-mail

- Mobile Extension (Smart Phone/Tablet)

- Outlook Plugin

- Conference Bridge

- Auto-attendant

- Call Hunting

- Desktop Apps

- Music on Hold

- Call Transfer

- Disaster Recovery

- And Much More


Our hosted PBX solutions are typically installed using the current wiring in the building. The entire system is managed by our remote servers so there is no onsite PBX phone system to install, already saving you thousands. Every detail of your PBX service can be customized according to your needs. Call today for a quote!

Unlimited1 Extensions
The easiest way to utilize a fully featured phone system.
$25/month per extension
- Unlimited Call Paths (Phones Lines)
- Phone Number
- Extension Number
- Voicemail to E-mail
- Disaster Recovery (Calls can back up to any other number or auto-attendant)
- Best for quickly implementing a high-feature phone system in a new or existing business.

Pick only what you need and save!
$30/month per Call Path, $5/month per Extension, $2.50/month per Phone Number
- Voicemail to E-mail
- Disaster Recovery (Calls can back up to any other number or auto-attendant)
- Best for growing and expanding businesses who need a flexible phone system that grows with them.

Minute Packages
Stay in control of cost and time with minute packages.

- Unlimited Call Paths, One (1) Phone Number, and One (1) Extension Number
- Call Hunting
- Disaster Recovery
- Additional Extensions $3/month
- Each additional Phone Number $2.50/month
- Best for a high volume of in-network calls
- Qualifying packages include one free Polycom SoundPoint® 331 Desktop Phone for new customers
*Call for current package pricing

Unlimited1 Call Paths/Sip Trunks
A SIP trunk is a direct connection between your organization and our Internet telephony service. Ideal if you have your own IP PBX.
- Call Hunting
- Disaster Recovery
- Cloud Extension $2/month
- Best if you business already has a phone management system and is looking for a great rate with even better service.

1 - "Unlimited" implies our fair use policy. Excessively above average minute use per month or dialers are not permitted.

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